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IDTOP.PH (View IDTop Reviews)
ID Top is reportedly another branch of the popular Fake ID Sites network which includes ID Chief, ID Book & IDs Buddy. There are reports that they are also working on providing IDs on the Tor network.
It may not be the Best site for your ID purchase. But, it is a legitimate provider and verified by many customers. The quality of their products can be disputed because many complains regarding their licenses getting confiscated have surfaced online.
They have a Reseller program which enhances customers to spread the word & get rewards in return for the number of customers that they bring.
You may want to give them a try if you are looking for a cheaper but inferior-quality replica of any US state ID. But, if you do not want to risk getting caught with a fake license then, you can avoid using them.
Most customers have criticized their hologram sleeves. It is obvious enough that fake ID makers in China usually use holograms that are cheaper and available in the market for ordinary prices.
These do not have the ability to absorb to the printing material such as the rigid Polycarbonate. Their laminated ID cards do not make it to the top.
Some of their licenses have faded Ultraviolet ink. It does not have the required brightness and if you compare it to a real ID it is not going to look identical at all.
Previously known as “Block Buster Fakes” this company now operates under a new name “Bogus Braxtor” for its fake ids. It is almost a clone of OldIronSidesFakes.ph and uses the same interface as them.
They are known for making replicas of popular US states which includes Illinois, California, Colorado and some AU, UK licenses.
The website uses a live cart system through which customers can purchase multiple IDs in one transaction.
Though their licenses are not the best in the business. It still makes it to the top ten for being a legitimate and credible service.
It has remained unchanged for years. There are many reports which indicates that their licenses are seized by the US Border & Custom Control.
Users have reported instances where they have been approached by the Authorities to explain packages containing fake IDs being shipped to them.
It means that Bogusbraxtor.ph is not as reliable as it claims. Hence, you cannot risk your clean reputation by using them.