Please read the following instructions before ordering!
This will make the whole process a lot smoother for the both us 🙂

How can I pay for the ID’s?

We accept Bitcoin / Western Union / Moneygram. For a more detailed guide on how to pay with any of the above mentioned payment methods click here.

Once you’ve put in your order we will contact you with the payment information within 24 hours. Please check your spambox as well just in case it didn’t make it to the inbox.

Please keep in mind that if you fail to pay for your order within one week the order will be automatically cancelled.

How to take a good photo?

Please don’t overlook this part because a low-quality photo will result in a low-quality fake ID. We cant be held liable because you submitted a low quality pic.

1. Solid color background, wall or curtain is irrelevant. Just solid color and flat.

2. Wear clothes that aren’t the same color as the background. You want to see a color contrast.

3. Make sure your hair is together. Loose hair can create a major problem. Ladies keep it together so that there’s no spots where you see the background between your hair. Use gel if you need to keep the hair down.

4. Make sure the lighting is good or use flash.

5. Take a pic with space above the head and bring the pic down as much as to your belly and we will crop.

6. Use a digital camera or an updated phone. Older phones have lower quality capabilities, and try not to use your front facing camera, it’s not as good as the back. Let someone take the picture for you. Stand straight with your head forward and look towards the camera! Do not wear glasses – your photo needs to look exactly like a real DMV photo.

7. Make sure your photo is under 1MB. Use to reduce the file size of your photos. Keep photos below 1MB. Please don’t send us tiny thumbnail size photos. Your ID photo may turn out bad if the file is too small. When in doubt, make the photo larger. Just keep it below 1MB.

I’ve read the above..take me to the order page already!