How do I know you’re legit and won’t scam me?

Well you don’t. Everyday scammers pop up, and there’s always the legit vendor who decides to go out of business with a scam as well. However we pride ourself on our reputation. Most likely if you came to this site it’s due to word of mouth or from a review. Maybe you heard of us from a friend or from Reddit’s /r/fakeid. Either way, you were told we do what we claim to do. This is our job, this is what we do. If you really fear being scammed and our excellent feedback and vendor status still doesn’t ease your fears, well, you don’t have to order from us. You can also check us out on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

How much do they cost?

1-5: $60-100/each depending on the State*
5-9: 10% off the total order (5% during promo)
10+: 20% off the total order (10% during promo)

*$150 per ID if your DOB on the ID makes you 24 years or older

How do I pay?

We offer a variety of payment options to make the payment more accessible to you. We prefer bitcoin as it’s safest and fastest method to getting your order out the door. We do however also take Western Union which would be sent to an international exchanger for us to receive bitcoins.

View our payment instructions here.

What states do you make?

Click here to view our States page. Currently we make 8 States: CT, DE, FL, IL, MD, NJ, PA, RI. We will always put upcoming States on our page so that you can see what’s coming soon in the event you would like to wait.

I need to make a change, is it possible?

Contact live support to see if it can still be done. Once your payment is confirmed your ID gets processed really fast to be printed and out the door so that you can have it in your hands faster. Most times if it’s before payment has been confirmed you will be able to make an edit, but once payment was confirmed you’re out of luck. This is why we stress to clients to make sure and double check all the information.

I just got my ID, should I do a bend test to make sure it will pass?

Never ever ever bend your ID. The so called “Bend Test” is not an actual method, while ALL our IDs can bend easily and would pass this so called test, you risk creating a crease in the hologram. Our holograms are overlays, just like DMV uses, and so they arent laminated pouches. Our IDs are on PVC not teslin so they will bend and never crease.

How should I take my photo?

Photos are quite easy to take if done right. Theres a few basic steps to getting a great ID pic. Remember, your ID can only look as good as your pic is. We cant be held liable because you submitted a low quality pic.

1. Solid color background, wall or curtain is irrelevant. Just solid color and flat.

2. Wear clothes that arent the same color as the background. You want to see a color contrast.

3. Make sure your hair is together. Loose hair can create a major problem. Ladies keep it together so that there’s no spots where you see the background between your hair. Use gel if you need to keep the hair down.

4. Make sure the lighting is good or use flash.

5. Take a pic with space above the head and bring the pic down as much as to your belly and we will crop.

6. Use a digital camera or an updated phone. Older phones have lower quality capabilities, and try not to use your front facing camera, it’s not as good as the back. Let someone take the pic. If you must use front facing camera hopefully you’re using a new model phone.

Should I use my real information or fake information?

To each their own. If you can remember the fake info then thats fine, if your memory is hazzy then use real info and sub in the dob which should make things easier for you.

Can I drive with my Beyond Fake License?

Well it’s Beyond Fake, sure you can! We have, I’ve even gotten a speeding ticket under one. However, does that mean you should? No! I only handed over the Beyond Fake ID because I pulled out the wrong one and well I couldnt say “Oh officer um let me give you another”. Some have used our Beyond Fake licenses to drive, to open bank accounts, to do various things, but remember, whatever you do, if it’s against the law… don’t do the crime if you cant do the time.

Does your license have holograms?

Yes we have the same exact holograms to match. We get custom made multispec holograms so you can be sure you’re getting the real deal.

Does your license have UV?

Yes, where applicable, you can see the UV under the blacklight. Each state has different things when it comes to the UV but rest assurred we have it 100% accurate.

Does your license scan?

Yes, we encode the 2d barcode on our license to enable it to pass the barcode scanners. There are some new scanners popping up that sometimes are hit or miss, they are few and far inbetween but as a note of caution avoid places with the latest in gadget wizardy. Contact us if you wish to encode the magstrip as well!

How long does it take to ship out my ID?

The production period on average is 5 days. Note that all orders where payment is confirmed after 10 AM your order starts processing the following day.

The status says “Shipped” and 48 hours has passed yet I have not received my ID?

Contact our Live Chat for your tracking number. We do not put tracking numbers on the order status page for security reasons. We only guarantee one delivery attempt. Please be sure to use a proper drop address for receiving your ID. We will not be liable for mistakes, wrong address or customer not available. You have one shot to get your ID, get it. It requires no signature so put an address that is safe where it can be left if you aren’t around.

Will Customs seize my ID?

You need not have any fears. Unlike the China manufacturers, we are USA based. We make and ship from within the United States so there is no Customs to worry about.

Will there by any mention of Beyond Fake or IDs on the shipping label?

We ship discretly. There is no advertising or mention of our name. We use regular cardboard mailers and the shipping label has no mention of anything either. By looking at our packaging or label one can not infer what is inside. If you choose to have your order shipped via USPS it is wrapped in a piece of paper and shipped in a standard regular envelope.

I have a group order, can I get a discount?

Sure, check the order page, the more you buy the cheaper the price. Also if you would like to become a reseller, feel free to contact us and we will get you on the path to making some cash flow.

You guys are the best! Is it ok if I tell my friends?

Yes, we are certainly the best… And we do not mind at all if you spread the word to help everyone get their Beyond Fake IDs. We strive to make customers happy and feel great when other refer their friends to us to have a great ID buying experience as well.

Got it.. I’m ready to order now!