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Thus, if you’re looking for a bit of variety, you’re going to have to look elsewhere. The good thing is that cards from IDGod.ph are affordable and it has got some decent price plans for each state it serves.
We noticed that there was an option to get older format cards as well, especially if you are from Ohio or Wisconsin, but the drawback is that you can’t choose to be older than 23 years.
IDGod.ph is kind of strict with its picture specifications. It has detailed everything on the order section of its website, but readers should know that along with their images, they’ll have to provide their signatures as well.
This can only be done via a black sharpie on a crisp, white computer paper, so best be prepared for that.
Furthermore, hologram overlays and perforations will not come with your card and you’ll have to send in a separate email to order that.
Hence, there’s a handful of things you will have to keep in mind before you sign up. On the bright side, once your order is complete, you’ll get an extra fake ID card as well in case you lose it.
Fake Your Drank is one website that originates from “Reddit” channel which relates to “/r/fakeid” popular market.
Oregon was their first license and the website mainly promoted this license to start expanding their business. As of now, they make various other US states with a special reputation in crafting replicas of the new ‘Enhanced Washington License’ and the ‘New Mexico’ ID.
With a professional attitude & interface; you can open a support ticket with them that provides information to customers regarding their tracking numbers. They also promise to provide replacements in case your ID gets confiscated.
The company has reportedly faced issues from “US Borders & Customs Control” over the last few years. There have been reports of their packages getting seized. It still remains a popular brand.
The keyword “Fake Your Drank” attracts more than five hundred searches on search engines per month. It is second only to “Fake Your ID” and both sites sound almost the same. They may be related but that is unknown.