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These guys cover solid ground and make fake IDs for almost all American states. They also serve some parts in Canada and Western Australia. What stands out with OldIronsidesFakes.ph is the speed of its delivery services.
Normally, it will have your card delivered to you within a week, but faster times are also possible.
It also offers a wide range of shipping options, so those looking for a quick fix and an emergency solution can opt for a faster option.
The quality of the cards is pretty good and just like FakeYourID.com, you’ll find that they can pass the bend test. The pricing is reasonable as well, and it offers plenty of different price plans for each region that it serves.
However, those looking to buy a single ID card won’t be able to avail any discount offers. Photo submission instructions have to be followed.
You’ll have to use a high-resolution camera for your photo to make the cut, so if your phone doesn’t have a good camera, you’ll need to find alternatives.
OldIronsidesFakes.ph has got an under-21 and an over-21 section for several states in the US, and clients aren’t bound with any restrictions on how much older they can appear.
With all their plus points, there is one major drawback of signing up with these guys, and that’s the website itself. Navigation is not simple, and you’ll find very little help from the FAQ section too.
Customer service seems a little lax as well and after you sign up on the website, you’ll have to live with the anxiety of them reaching out to you in time.
Nonetheless, you’ll get free duplicates and a tracking number to make sure your card is safely being delivered to you. Payment will be upfront, though, so any errors on the card can be hard to rectify.
Fake ID sites pop up and disappear. ID Viking has remained active for many years. It is not clear as to where do they operate from. But it is certain they are a legitimate provider of ID cards.
The complains regarding their IDs are countless. They have failed to make it to the top of the sites in the market due to a number of reasons.
Inability to accept convenient payment methods.
Mainly focuses on Student Fake ID Cards.
Lacks modern & Updated (2019) Templates for most US states.
Their Packages do not make it to the US.
Gone are the days when Bars in the US would accept a student card for identification. Since then, they have become useless. ID Viking seriously needs to consider improving the US state driving licenses instead of focusing mainly on student IDs.