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This vendor is known as ‘LS’ in popular fake ID culture. A network of websites that includes BogusBraxtor.ph, OldIronSidesFakes.ph, and Lost-Identification.com are all interconnected somehow.
They offer free duplicates and video of each ID that they make. The drawback is that their licenses do not have proper magnetic stripe encoding.
Fake IDs will only make it to a restricted place if it has proper encoded QR codes. Upon Scanning, licenses of this vendor do not pass accurate information to the scanning devices.
The PDF417 software is known to have major problems with the products of Id-Hurry.com
It is a fact that most ordinary novelty ID makers use one software for all barcode generation. This doesn’t work in proper ways. Because every state ID has a different formatted QR code.
For example the license number on Washington uses a complex system which includes numbers of the date of birth, age, and license issuing date. This makes up a unique number for each Washington DL.
Lost IDs do not have the capability to make up such codes. Because their generating software lacks this ability.
If you’re looking for speedy delivery and variety in shipping and payment options, already21.com is your best friend.
However, it is not very communicative, so if you’re a first-time user, you might feel a little lost using its services
A better alternative could be IDGod.ph, since its its website is easy to navigate and you’ll find it serves a large geographical region.
However, be warned: you’ll have to do a fair amount of work on your own to get the ID card to come out right.
If card quality and security is your main concern, you can bank on FakeYourID.com because it is arguably the most technologically advanced company in the fake ID realm.
Its service is also quite hassle-free, and you’ll be in the loop throughout the making of your card.
The choice is yours, have fun and get back to us with your personal experience with any of these.