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Quality & Reputation 
Our perfection to detail and our dedicated customer service has earned us a place on the list of Verified ID Vendors on Reddit. We are constantly making minor adjustments so that differentiating between fake and real becomes a blurred line. To keep improving the authenticity of the fakes and to get that same look that original DMV IDs have, we spent over 300 hours on template designs. Today our ID’s have close to the same look and feel as the original ones issued at the DMV. To manufacture the fake id’s we use the same material, the same type of printers and the same multi-spectrum holograms that the DMV uses.


All ID’s feature the state specific authentic matching multi-spectrum hologram. When tilted at angles, a rainbow of colors is reflected giving the same visual aspects as a real ID. Our ID’s also have UV which can be seen under a blacklight. Depending on the state the UV can be on the front, the back side, both or none. Some states have a different color UV. We have pictures displayed showing what the UV on an ID looks like. All ID’s have a 2d fully encoded barcode. Our ID’s when scanned passes the advanced scanners used to detect fakes. The quality we strive to achieve on our ID’s truly is Beyond Fake.  The only difference with our licenses and those that you get from the DMV is that the DMV issued ones are in the DMV database (although for a fee, you can have a license number with information to match DMV records, email us for more info).

For inside the US we guarantee 7 days or less delivery. This does not mean 7 days or less for us to ship your ID. No, we guarantee that your order will be in your hands within 7 days and most times much faster. We strive to ship all orders out within 24-48 hours from payment.  Tracking numbers are issued upon shipping and provided to our customers so that you may track your order on it’s way to you. We encourage the use of correct addresses for shipping as if the address is deemed undeliverable it will not be returned to us and you will lose your order.


Legal Safety 
All ID’s are shipped from inside the United States so that there’s 0% chance of custom seizures or delays. If you use our ID in public there’s no way that a scanner can spot that it’s fake. Beyond Fake will not be held liable for any illegal use you may conduct with our high quality fake identification.


Available States 
Connectitut, Delaware, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, North Carolina, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina. We have several new and exciting states in the works, be sure to check back for updates!


Thank You
We at Beyond Fake would like to send a special thank you to all our ID customers.  We greatly appreciate your support. We would not be able to continue producing high quality ID’s nor the R&D necessary for new releases without your continued support. We respect and value our customers, you are never just an order number to us. We enjoy corresponding and hearing of your success stories when using our fakes and we hope to continue receiving emails of satisfaction from buyers.